To be heard is to be uplifted.

Herde is an uplifting and inspirational lifestyle and self-leadership brand with the overarching goal of providing the tools to empower women to propel themselves forward in life, business, and health.

  • Intentional living

    Self-leadership empowers you to deeply know what you truly want from life and begin living in an intentional and impactful way.

  • Confident Action

    Self-leadership unlocks the ability to believe in yourself, tackle limiting beliefs, and take action confidently to create an abundant life.

  • Passion & Purpose

    Self-leadership enhances our connection to ourselves and allows us to reignite our passions and find more purpose in our daily lives.


Kind words from kind humans

“I have known Khara for a few years, initially when we were colleagues in the same department, to then seeing her grow and personally develop
to the point of being a successful senior executive. From being a career person, to staying at home with my new-born, I lacked my identity and purpose, yet felt guilty for feeling that way. Over phone calls, coffees and messages, I received so much support from Khara. She helped me to challenge myself in applying for a new role in the workplace. I didn’t get the role, and while that crushed me, I turned to Khara for support. It took a little while to appreciate her wisdom, but it really worked. Going back to work with a new mindset gave me so much positivity. I am really enjoying the challenges and have purpose to have my career back, but to also balance it with my family life, and making sure that I put time aside for me: to be present and grateful for all that I have.”

Sara Jane

“I’ve had the honour of knowing Khara for almost two years now, and in those two years she has softly and gently helped guide me and inspire my path forward. She showed me that self-care is a priority if I’m to live the best version of my life, and urged me to make time for it even when it felt like the wheels would fall off if I took a step back from work. She approaches life and leadership with heart, compassion and kindness
and has revolutionised the way I think about work and my life.”

Tess Mol

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